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Yoga is a practice that meets me where I am on any given day where I can find a quiet that allows me to calm and inspires me to keep life in perspective.  By teaching yoga I am able to empower others with tools to maintain equanimity physically, mentally and emotionally.  My intention in class is to create a non-judgmental, compassion-centered environment where practitioners are allowed to find freedom and ease in movement.  My hope is that I can offer a welcoming space for students to soften and become present and that when stepping off the mat they have a felt sense of being nourished and balanced.  I am deeply grateful for the wisdom my teachers have shared with me.  Achieving my 500-Hour yoga teaching certification in May 2018 has been a milestone that reminds me how vast and endless the study of yoga is.





Instructor Peggy Benson

The new moon is a magical time to spark new and exciting beginnings. It’s a time to
get clear about the things you really want to create and bring forth into your life. It
generates introspection and intentions aligned with our true essence. After a new moon, you
may notice a newfound sense of peace within your heart. The slow flow practice will
increase flexibility of the mind and body. Mudras are a seal or hand gesture that
directs prana. Combining this with a Mantra. A mantra is a sacred word, sound or
phrase, in Sanskrit, believed to have a spiritual and psychological power. Meaning “tool of
thought, a mantra is often used in meditation or mindfulness practices as a way to harness and
focus the mind.. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you'd like to develop,
cultivate, and manifest. With each new moon we are given a time of self-renewal and kick-
starting your curiosity to make your dreams come to light!

Bring a mat, your own props such as a block or bolster, water, and bug spray. Notify instructor
of health concerns.

Monday July 20th


Fountain Lake Park
Pay what you can class (Suggestion $5-$10)

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